Miscellaneous Grumblings

Here are some “didja knows” for today:

Didja know…

  • Getting new carpet means hours and hours of backbreaking work for me moving the thousands of items that are sitting on the carpet?
  • I’m on somebody’s list.
  • Our dogs love rainy days. The are all snoozing. Three on our bed, one in a chair. Dog’s life.
  • I chose to cast my vote for “none of the above.” Freedom of speech still applies, but maybe the Tea Party can get that changed.
  • The first TV pundit to get “nice” a liberal?
  • Rand Paul will not have the guts to finish his term as senator.
  • I wrote a comment and instead of writing “once” I wrote “wants.”  I gotta stop listening to the voices in my head.
  • this is a great morning after rant.
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