Refinishing Has Everybody Floored

Boy, for a couple of mature adults, we sure didn’t think through this floor refinishing deal. We just were so giddy about discovering the hardwood under the wall-to-wall carpet, we lapsed into temporary insanity.

First, we didn’t get multiple quotes on doing the job. Turns out this was OK price-wise, but we ended up with a geezer who isn’t current on current floor refinishing techniques.

Second, we didn’t research how long this process would take.

Thirdly, the dogs have a routine. Screw with that and you are upsetting the balance of nature.

Normally the dog’s P & P routines are thus:

  • Oliver will only go out the front door. His cue is “Oliver! Mailbox!” He will only P & P in the front or side yard.
  • Sofi, Derby and Sedona all use the back yard and exit through the kitchen door. Derby and Sedona will re-enter via the bedroom OR the kitchen, but Sofi will only use the kitchen door to come and go to go.

Something like this traffic pattern is normal ( note: not drawn to scale or accuracy – I failed technical illustration in college. This is kinda sorta how our house lays out. I tried to be accurate, but I left out a bunch of rooms because I can’t remember them or where they are in relation to one another. (La Mansione on Poo Avenue)

Generally, we open any door at anytime and some dog will go outside to P & P. (I’ve been told I use poop in my posts too often, so its P & P…)

So here’s the deal…

All our furniture was moved from the living room on November 11. Sofa is in the kitchen (is your kitchen large enough for a sofa? well congrats on that!) bookshelves in the hallway, end tables in dining room and bedroom, lamps in the bathroom, two recliners on the front porch – yeehaw –  and all the knickknacks and crapola is stuffed in plastic boxes shoved in various empty areas where we used to walk and park the car.

Here’s the current situation times four:

Yes, the dogs walk to the closed doors or gates and look longingly at the empty fresh floor in the living room debating which corner should be blessed first. Then they go outside. This drawing is inaccurate too (why did I invest so much time?) because Oliver will only go out through the garage to the front yard.

BTW? The people who live here are following the same path. Yes, we have to go outside to go to bed.

We are nearing the end. Of our wits.

Nearing. As in 30 days away.

Refinisher said the threshold to our bedroom was pine, not oak like the rest of the floor, so that would have to be replaced. Turns out this was a three day job completed November 16. November 18 they started sanding.

Did you know that sanding a floor puts a fine layer of dust on every single thing in the house? Did you know that it is the home-owners responsibility to put up one single sheet of plastic to prevent the spread of dust?

I didn’t either.

November 19 the stain was applied. November 22, the first sealer was applied, and today, November 23, the final sealer was applied.

It will be the weekend before we can gingerly tippy toe around it wearing Muppet slippers – but a month before it is fully cured. If the geezer would have used water-based sealer an area rug would be in place along with all the furniture this weekend. All doors would be available for traffic. And the stink would be gone in a few hours – rather than a few days.

But nooooooo. It will be a month.

You know what happens in a month? Right. And Nancy loves to decorate for Christmas. She has been buying new stuff since last Christmas. We have four Christmas trees, we have an entire storage area just for Christmas wreaths and ornaments, she has no plan, she just starts decorating and stops when Christmas morning arrives.

But we will have a helluva floor for New Year’s Eve.

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Refinishing Has Everybody Floored — 5 Comments

  1. that sounds like the biggest pain in the ass!!! will it really be worth it? ya gotta get a roomba now!!!!

  2. An oil based sealer will give the floors better protection, IMO, but the contractor should have gone over all this with you (the drying times between coats and the 30 days hardening time) before he started AND he should have been the one to install the plastic sheeting to protect the rest of the house. Hopefully all the dog toenails won’t scratch up the new finish.

    And some people think that hardwood floors are easier to maintain than carpeting – they’re wrong.
    Catch Her in the Wry recently posted…Tuesday TitillationMy Profile

  3. @Catch: Yes, that’s what I thought: we should have had options! And what contractor doesn’t try to keep the dust confined? OURS! We know the doggie nails will be an issue and figure the clicking will be a aural clue to get them taken care of. We don’t worry about cleanliness much at our house. We have different priorities. 🙂

  4. Correction: House has been “torn” up since 10/31ish…carpet was originally to be installed 11/4 – but because of furnace problems, ahem!, it was installed 8 days later…and thus began the saga!