We Agree. Whatever I Say Rules. But We Agree, Unless We Don’t.

I called up Mike Wazowski on labor day to tell him I saw Jenny McCarthy naked. He was munching some M & M’s, Green M & M’s to be exact. I asked him if he had the new Apple iTit and he called me a “mole animal.”

Mike Wazoski Needs Glasses

A throw away post to capitalize on popular search terms. None of which have anything to do with anything around here.

So how is your Friday going?

Having a spat with spouse over the hardwood floor.  We were going to replace the carpet when it was torn up it revealed a wonderful solid oak hardwood floor.

We decided we loved it and loved the rich, dark, color.

Today the refinishing guys came to sand and stain the floor.

Spouse (as I’m walking out the door): So we’re going with the same color.

Me: Yes

Phone call from spouse: They say if we stained it natural we would have a beautiful floor.

Me: They are contractors. Contractors have no imagination. They just would have every floor natural, every wall beige, and every house a two story colonial with white tray ceilings.

Spouse: You don’t want to come home and see the natural?

Me: No, tell them we want it dark.

(18 seconds pass)

Phone call from spouse: You should come home and see the natural. You don’t even want to see it?

Me: No, we agreed it should be dark, just like it is now.

Spouse: You don’t even want to see it?

Me: Ok, yes, just to get you off my back.

(at home)

Me: What am I looking at?

Spouse:  See that light stain?

Me: Yes.

Spouse: That.

Me: It’s not even close to what we said we liked. It’s like you see in every new house, this house is old. It should be dark.

Spouse: They will stain to make it dark to see how we like it.

Me: We agreed dark. We said when we saw it we liked the dark, it’s been this way for over a week and we like it. It should be dark. Make it dark to match what is here.

Spouse: Whatever you say.

Me: (Over my shoulder as I’m walking out the door.) Some strange contractors walk in and suddenly they are the boss of what we should do to our house.

Should be interesting the next time I walk in the door, hmmmmmmmmm?

I’m sure I’ll walk out with a dark stain.

Googled Dark Stain:

Dark Stain Obama

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We Agree. Whatever I Say Rules. But We Agree, Unless We Don’t. — 1 Comment

  1. Based on the first part of your post, I might be getting some traffic on my mole post from a while back. 🙂

    My Friday is going much better than yours, but I have yet to speak to my husband. You’ve got my vote for the dark stain, so Nancy’s out-voted 2 to 1.
    Catch Her in the Wry recently posted…Thursday ThoughtsMy Profile