Big Whoop. Now Available on Kindle.

Blog Now Available for the Kindle from Amazon

Hey, if you’re willing to pay $1.99 a month to read this, I’ll make you a helluva a deal ———–>
Over there to the right, on the main page, is a box where you can put your email addy and you’ll get it by email.


Or… click here and get it free in a reader on your computer instead of a Kindle which can’t do anything else and probably doesn’t even support animated gifs. No color for SURE! (Get a Nook!)

How can Amazon sell more inferior Kindles in 73 days than they did all last year? It’s the PC effect. Nook is better, but the Kindle was there first.

you’ve sold more devices in just 73 days, then you did through an entire previous year. Amazon, who have made the Kindle wildly successful

But it would be fun if you would visit the site and make some drastic reviews. There will be prizes for the most drastic.

And maybe by the time you get to the site, Amazon will have the images updated, never mind that what I publish here updates around the world immediately. With Amazon it can take 24-48  hours to change an image.

Big Whoop.

Drastic! I want drastic reviews!

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Big Whoop. Now Available on Kindle. — 7 Comments

  1. Since I don’t even pay for my TV channels (rabbit ears only), I’ll stick with my free feed. But congrats to you for continuing to find ways to add to your coffers. Be careful, though. You’re on your way to becoming a greedy, capitalist pig. 😀
    Catch Her in the Wry recently posted…Tuesday TitillationMy Profile

  2. I have returned your Amazon favor. Perhaps in 24-48 hours, we’ll be able to see it on Amazon.
    I’ve had my blog listed on Amazon for awhile and was originally listed at 1.99. I’ve been discounted (an odd feeling) down to .99. I don’t have any Kindle subscribers that I’m aware of.
    Chris recently posted…influential brand advocatesMy Profile

  3. I’ll just have to leave my clever comment here since I was just not quite sure if leaving it at Amazon might cost the $1.99 that I am saving for my diet cokes. I can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to pay that much a month to read MY blog!

  4. @Catch: I’ll let you know when I get my first subscriber. Don’t hold your breath!
    @Chris: Thanks! I love your review. It’s sweet. Hardly drastic, but so far, you’re in the lead for THE. GRAND. PRIZE. Discounted. Why the nerve of some people. If I have a say, I will do reverse pricing psychology and RAISE the price.
    @Edna: See Catch above – and you especially, don’t hold your breath.

    BTW: Leaving a drastic review is FREE.

  5. Okay, this is the review I left. It may be too drastic to make it through the editing marshals:

    If I just had one good thing to say, taking into consideration of course it is, after all, winter in the east as in the west, not withstanding that in Arizona they run around in sweaters even now, always believing that Sixty is honest if nothing else and clever at best, and isn’t everyone paying higher taxes after all?