Lunatic Fringe Weirdo Predicts $5 gallon Gas by 2012

I’m thinking that President Obama may just want to turn the reins of the presidency over to Newt Gingrich early.

The ex-president of Shell Oil is predicting that gas will be $5 a gallon in 2012. Obviously a loon who is way out of touch with the oil business, right? Probably the only goofball who is predicting $5 a gallon gas, right?

Wrong, petroleum distillate breath.

Another weirdo, Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst with Oil Price Information Service, told CNN that he did not believe $5 a gallon gas would happen in 2012. He thought it could take all the way to 2019 before there was a 66% increase over today’s prices.

We’re paying $3.159 in Smallburg, up from $3.049 a week ago, up from $2.849 the week before that.

Supply and demand.

Wrong, light sweet crude breath.

Yeah, in less than a month the demand for gasoline has skyrocketed in Smallburg.


Here’s the wacko, outta-control, brain-damaged, wildly ranting about the impending catastrophy (prediction is about 6:25.)

Watch and weep.

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