Scintillating Christmas Conversation

Thursday afternoon:

I think I’m getting what you have.

She: cough

Friday morning:

She: cough, cough, blow

Friday mid-morning:

I got it, sneeze groooooooan snort

She: sneeze, sniffle

Friday noon:

zzzzzzzz Cough zzzzz Sneeze zzzzzzzzz

She: sneeze, sneeze, blow, sneeze, cough, sneeze, cough

Friday afternoon:

What drugs sneeze blow do you have?

She: Sudafed, sneeze, in bathroom drawer. I’m feeling better. Cough.

Christmas eve:

I’m, sneeze, going, cough, to, blow, bed, grooooooooooan.

Hope you feel better in the morning.

Christmas Morning:

grooooooooan, sniff, snork, hack, hack, hack, grooooooooan

She: want to open presents, cough?

After presents:

Why do, hack, dogs love, cough, to tear up,  sneeze, snot rags and drag them all over?

She: Just their way, cough, of unwrapping the presents we leave for them.

Grooooooooooooan, I’m going, hack, hack, sneeze, blow, back to bed.

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