Where Do Children Get Their Mean Streak?

Bulbous sent me this from her phone. Where do children get such mean streaks? And why do they think it’s clever and cute to be so mean?

10-Day Forecast:

  • Thursday Sunny. 72 / 54F. Precip 0%
  • Friday Sunny. 78 / 56F. Precip 0%
  • Saturday Isolated T-Storms. 77 / 60F. Precip 30%
  • Sunday Mostly Sunny. 69 / 43F. Precip 10%
  • Monday Sunny. 69 / 46F. Precip 0%
  • Tuesday Sunny. 73 / 54F. Precip 0%
  • Wednesday Sunny. 73 / 48F. Precip 0%
  • Thursday Few Showers. 73 / 46F. Precip 30%
  • Friday Sunny. 71 / 47F. Precip 0%
  • Saturday Partly Cloudy. 73 / 42F. Precip 20%

Needless to say, Bulbous and St. Todd DeCubbville are basking. We are not basking in SoKY. We are dripping and/or icing. Although from her getup today, her blood definitely has reached Florida viscosity.

Yeah, she was whining about having to wear a turtleneck and sweatshirt. She forgot to mention, the bottom half of her pants were gone!
Woman Short Sweatshirt

Bulbous has a detached building from their house that has been converted into a work-out area. The OFF, which is a play on their last name.

When I mentioned that we could move into the OFF and that I would even add a bathroom, she was suddenly no longer basking, she was luke-warm.

When I suggested they buy the empty lot behind their house and we could pitch a tent, she was chilly. She gots a mean streak. She started it!

When I said they should buy the lot, put in a pool with a really nice pool house and hire me as their pool-geezer and we could live in the pool house, she stopped replying to my email.

Sweet. This could work.

My job daily duties :

  • Get newspaper in the morning (I would have to challenge Gillespie for this honor.)

Gillespie The Dog

Shouldn’t be a problem, does this dog look motivated?

  • Read newspaper and highlight important events – liquor sales, yard sales, first-run movies, etc.
  • Start A/C in the OFF and monitor temperature
  • Alert Bulbous when OFF is ready
  • Disinfect OFF when Bulbous is done with workout
  • Play Frisbee with Chase The Dog and Gillespie The Dog
  • Test water temperature in pool by full body immersion
  • Adjust pool chemical imbalance caused by peeing in the pool
  • Scoop the poop of Chase TD and Gil TD
  • Test water temperature in pool again
  • Vacuum pool
  • Prepare and test the Kegerator for St. Todd DeCubbville’s return from work

Heineken Beer Kegerator

Yep, this could work out just fine. Now to convince St. Todd Decubbville that his Mother-in-Law is capable of contributing as much as I do to his fine lifestyle.

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Where Do Children Get Their Mean Streak? — 6 Comments

  1. And you were thinking of some far away island for cheap retirement living? I think you’re on to something with this pool man job in Florida. Mini-houses are replacing McMansions as the new cool thing to live in. I say pack your wagon and hit the road to Bulbous and St. Todd DeCubbville’s.
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