Women Get All the Fun Names

I’m a collector of unusual names. If you can call being Facebook friends with women with odd names a collector, which of course, doesn’t really count…

I would have like to befriended Nova Cain.

But she died.

Women get all the fun names because they can chose a gentlemen like Mr. Cain or Mr. Eskenazi or Mr. Laughinghouse or Mr. Crumpacker to marry.

Of course guys are prone to make up nicknames if they don’t like their given name:

  • Forgotten Wriggler
  • Gangster Rebel
  • Stupid Trooper
  • Ivory Pup
  • Stony Barbaric Stray
  • Rusty Spider

If you have a collectible name, you can friend me. But it better be good, I’m pretty picky.

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Women Get All the Fun Names — 2 Comments