One More Sign I’m Getting Old. Taking a Vote? The Eyes Are Defeated.

Getting old.

Not old.



was the culprit (numbers have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Yeah, a UPS tracking number from Office Depot.


UPS Tracking Number

I was shipping payola to St. Todd DeCubbville. It was a 27″x24″x7 3/4″ box of money – small used currency of mixed denominations.

Being careful, I wanted him to have the UPS tracking number.

I just had my eyes checked last week. I commented to Nancy that I wouldn’t need new anything since my prescription had not changed. The doctor confirmed that I am still blind as a one armed paper hanger on stilts.

Between my five focals: tri-focal glasses, single-focal computer glasses, and head-focal au natural vision, I could not get the tracking number typed correctly until I had a set of young eyes read them while I typed.

I remember being 40 and losing patience with geezers who would hold a sheet of paper (shakey too) at arms length, then push their glasses up on their forehead, bring the paper to their nose, then whip off one pair of glasses and put on another pair, hand the sheet of paper to me and say “can you read that?”

And now I are one.


St. Todd DeCubbville sent a nice thank you email:

Need Glasses Bad Vision

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One More Sign I’m Getting Old. Taking a Vote? The Eyes Are Defeated. — 2 Comments

  1. It seem as if they make the print smaller every year! I was just entering some numbers into the post office’s tracking site an had the same struggle.

  2. Hi Steve: New here? Or just de-lurking? either way, welcome. Of course you just gave the classic geezer answer: “it’s not us, it’s them!” Complained to the newspaper yet about the type being smaller? 🙂