Word-working on 1-11-11

Word Puzzle

AARP Bulletin has 50 “new” words… Grandma Henke says

You would expect to find words like viral, unfriend, and tweet but here are my five favorites from their list:

  • automagically, which means something that automatically happens but in a way that might seem magical.
  • bargainous, which means something cost less than you expected it to cost
  • catastrophize, means that something has been presented in a way that makes it sound worse than it was
  • frenemy, is a friend who you have a lot of conflict with
  • staycation, which means just what it sounds like … a stay at home vacation

I used automagically in a forum comment the other day and the moderator contacted me because she thought we might have known the same guy who she claim “invented” the word. Maybe so, maybe not. At any rate, we didn’t have a common frenemy.

Bargainous is a new one to me and will probably work it’s way into my conversation.  Everything costs more than I think it should, so I won’t be using bargainous a lot.

Catastrophize looks and sounds too much like castrate and is too difficult to pronounce. I’ll skip it. Same with staycation, that’s too “cute” for me.

Grandma Henke came up with a couple she wants to add to the list and invited others to add to it…

  • retiremobile, a motor home owned by a senior citizen
  • travapal, a friend you make while traveling

Here are my additions:

amphibious bus

Amphibious Limo

  • compupliance, a computer that is more like an appliance; a tablet or an ereader
  • forumaniac, people who live to respond to forum threads
  • hypercation, one of those travel excursions that is 14 countries in 10 days. Do they even offer these trips anymore? (the opposite of “staycation.”
  • langbanger, somebody like me who is trying to learn a new language via CD and no immersion and thinks they will be able to communicate with native speakers. alt: those who make a living copywriting.
  • experiboozing, experimenting by mixing a variety of soft drinks with a variety of boozes; eg: Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, Diet Coke, Lipton Diet Green Tea, Rum and Creme de Cocoa.
  • Eljerplosion, an activity that takes place on the toilet after an experiboozing.

How about it? Have any new words to add to the list?

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Word-working on 1-11-11 — 2 Comments

  1. My niece used a new word yesterday to describe her day of one bad event after another: crapastic. I know I’ve had days like that.

    Of your words I may pick up langbanger as I am attempting to learn Spanish, and experiboozing … which I actually don’t do since my drink of choice is generally a Diet Coke on crushed rocks. The word I will definitely steer clear of is eljerplosion. That’s downright gross! If I were to name that type of event, though, I might call it an explosaganza. Either word is actually far to vivid to even in company, mixed or not mixed … but perhaps it would be okay with a close frenemy.
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