Yesterday I Embarrassed a Hot Southwest Customer Service Babe

Brunette Woman Talking on Cell Phone

Southwest Phone Customer Service Agents must also work as luggage handlers.

Southwest Airlines is our airline of choice. We travel with them two or three times a year. Usually I only deal with them via their website.

Yesterday, I needed to talk with a person.

I got a female heavy breather. I’m sure she looked just like the picture above.

Since I don’t hear well, if I’m talking to you by phone, we are always on speaker.

The transaction was rather complicated so Ms. Southwest Airlines and I were on the phone for an extended period of time. Since it was a complicated transaction, Nancy was standing by to double-check my requests.

Ms. Southwest Airlines heavy breathing got to the point where I looked at Nanc’ and we both smiled. As Ms. Southwest Airlines got to the end of the transaction, I told her I was going to record her heavy breathing.

She was truly flabbergasted. What? Oh, I’m am just freaking out, she said. I’m am so embarrassed right now…

Seems that she had a loaner headset because hers disappeared.  She suggested the borrowed headset was much more sensitive than she imagined.  I said it was OK, I rather enjoyed the sounds of her breathing.  I wished I could have seen her face.

As we concluded our business, I could hear the guy in the next cubicle explaining to a passenger that using dry-ice was the best way to make sure that his package would arrive still frozen.

I think all customer service headsets should be that sensitive – call centers would be a lot more interesting to deal with.

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