Adding to Collectible Facebook Friends

Harry Baals, Harry Cox, and the others reminded me that I haven’t friended anybody in a while to add to my list of Facebook Friends with Collectible Names:

  • Gretchen Shuckert Crumpacker who dumped her Crumpacker and is single again.
  • Deanna Polito-Laughinghouse
  • Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi
  • Emmylou Cakehead who is just a farmhouse weird Brit

I don’t really know any of these people and have never met them in real life, which is probably good for everyone concerned.

So I’m friending:


  • Hugh Mungus – which is probably fake because he calls himself a comedian.

Joan Van Ark Bad Plastic Surgery

  • Mark Clark Van Ark – Joan’s brother (and yes that’s a then and now pic.)

Helen Back

  • Helen Back – no doubt with the Russian Mafia and I will end up severely dead. Yeah and make the jokes about Heaven in front… I certainly wouldn’t.


  • Tootsie Roehl – Alaskan kid that should not friend me.


  • Jenny Rippy Belcher – a name that is a command.

And if there isn’t a Jocelyn Shake or Jocelyn Wiggle in the world there should be.

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