I Want to Have a Job. I Don’t Want to Marry You.

She’s cute, she’s opinionated. She won’t marry you. She want’s a job first.
She’s been autotuned… one of the times the remix is better than the original.

UPDATE: Here is the story: I am an 11 year old singer/songwriter and had been asked to go on national television to sing one of my original songs about a year and a half ago. My little 5 year old sister (she’s six now) was upset and feeling left out because her big sister was doing all these fun and interesting things. This 1 minute clip is part of a 15 minute video where she discusses her views on life and decides she isn’t going to let anything come between her and her goals.

Here’s the original “I Don’t Want To Marry You.”

Annnnnd… the remix…

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