Special Equestrians of Southwest Florida

Written, produced, photographed, edited and directed by SIL St. Todd DeCubbville.

For hi-def, click here.

This is an overview of the Special Equestrians Therapeutic Riding Program in Southwest Florida. Special Equestrians provides structured therapeutic horseback riding to mentally and physically challenged children and adults.

“A nice little community of support…”

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Special Equestrians of Southwest Florida — 1 Comment

  1. G’Day! Goinglikesixty,
    I take your point, I go to a christian horse camp in ohio called Marmon Valley Farm. This year is the first year I will be attending the special equestrian camp. If anyone is familiar with this…

    How high are the jumps?
    What do the courses consist of?
    What is the hardest thing you do all week?

    I have been taking hunter/jumper lessons for some time now and I believe I am ready, but I just wanted to make sure. Any details would be great.
    Great Job!