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BBC Top Gear The Stig

St. Todd deCubbville got me this awesome sticker for the Dodge Magnum Hemi Wagon: I am  The Stig…

  • Some say his favorite childhood disease was the Gout and his left eye is actually a testicle.
  • Some say that his face appears on high-value stamps in Sweden and that he’s afraid of bells.
  • Some say he naturally faces magnetic north, and all his legs are hydraulic
  • Some say his heart ticks like a watch, and he’s confused by stairs
  • Some say his voice can only be heard by cats, and he has two sets of knees
  • Some say that he invented the curtain, and that he recently submitted a £20,000 expenses claim for some gravel for his moat… All we know is:

He’s called The Stig.

I am The Stig.

Absolutely the best show on teevee today comes from BBC America: Top Gear.  Top Gear is three british fanboys playing about in cars. St. Todd deCubbville got me hooked and now it is your turn.

And that is like saying there will be a wedding in London soon.

Top Gear is most very expensive cars from today and yesterday being abused for our amusement. Top Gear is three giggly men making bad puns and outrageously politically incorrect jokes about being gay. Top Gear is travelogue – an episode had the three men on “motorbikes” doing in 8 days what the Americans could not do in ten years: go from South Vietnam to North Vietnam.  They tried to retrace the route of the three wise men in hugely ostentatious cars. It is the best tee vee production, editing, and writing available to U.S. audiences.

But, most importantly, I am The Stig.

After one or more of the three blokes (it’s hard not to talk like them after a marathon session) has thoroughly blasted around their test track at an obscene pace in a car, they always end by finding out what the car’s true track ability is. For this, they call on a professional race car driver.

The Stig.

Bugatti Veyron Supercar

Yes, this is The Stig behind the world’s most expensive and fastest supercar, the Bugatti Veyron. It costs nearly $2 million dollars to buy and probably triple that to build. And The Stig threw it around the track like it was his daily driver.

I am The Stig.

From the wiki

The name Stig derives from Wilman and Clarkson’s time at the private Repton School, where new boys had always been called “Stig”. According to McCarthy, speaking in 2006, the producers had wanted the anonymous driver to be called ‘The Gimp’, referring to the use of gimp suits in BDSM sexual role-playing. After McCarthy objected, the name Stig was settled upon.McCarthy had said of the idea at the time that “I don’t want to be forever remembered as the Gimp”.

Many have claimed the title of The Stig.

But few have a decal on the back of their car to confirm their true identity.

I am The Stig.

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