I Can See You, Now That I Have the iBall

Despite the lack of popularity of the iTit, I think this new iBall actually has a chance.

While lots of folk, moi included, were raving about Watson the supercomputer (and reliving their glory days of appearing Jeopardy,) there really is a cooler computer that is out and about.

It’s the first cubic millimeter computer.

While Watson can store elebenty bazillion blops of knowledge and is a terrific buzzer-inner, this new teensy-weensy computer will only hold a weeks worth of data.


Not only does this cubic millimeter have a microprocessor and memory, it has a battery, a solar cell, and a wireless radio and antenna!

Holy flipping transistors Batman.

It recharges with just 1.5 hours of sunlight.

I. Am. Impressed.

BTW: Since I missed out on the kick-ass knee, I will be lining up to get this shoved in my eye. iDocs will implant the iBall computer to measure glaucoma pressure.

And – AND – they are working on a way for the iBall Computer to send out a signal.

Are you flirting with me, or does your iBall have a bug?

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