Nancy’s Gonna Kill Me

Two reasons really.
First, she’s away, but we video chat or Skype a couple times a day. Her first question is invariably,

“Do I still have four dogs.”

Until today, I could answer “Yes.” Without equivocation.

Derby went missing. Derby is our street dog-rock star
Dog Grooming

He sneaks out of the fenced yard occasionally just to roam the neighborhood. As soon as he hears me call he is looking to hightail it back inside – taking the most direct line possible – which usually is through the hedge or his secret escape hatch.

Today was different.

It was time for me to pay attention to the dogs. I fussed over Sofi, ‘cuz she’s a girl and girls like being fussed over. I patted Oliver on the head because he is aloof and really doesn’t give a shit what I do or when I do it. Sedona is my pal and came over for her share of rubbin’.
Derby was… missing. Not on the back of the chair. Not in a sunbeam. Not in the backyard. Not shut up in the garage. Not roaming the neighborhood.
He was gone.
I wasn’t freaking because he likes me and I figured eventually he would show up.
On a whim, I asked Sedona,

“where’s Derby?”


Sedona and St. Todd

Oh she busted him good. Not a second’s hesitation, she took me from the kitchen through the living room, into the bedroom and into the closet.

Why? I have no clue.

I guess he misses Nanc’ and decided to hang in her closet.

Maybe the fact I found Derby will get me off the hook for the second reason she will kill me: posting this picture of her closet.

Bah, she’ll get over it.

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Nancy’s Gonna Kill Me — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe he sensed a thunderstorm a’coming. Derby and Grandad’s Sandy have a LOT in common, maybe they’re souldogs.

    Funky bowling shoes!

  2. All that says to me is Derby has torn up something he knew he had no business messing with! Big Sigh…..but I guess I’ll probably find it when I get home!