Set Your Clocks Ahead Tomorrow Afternoon

Mom Golfer
Curmudgeon has a helluva idea… set clocks ahead Friday afternoon for Daylight Saving Time.

I’ll overlook his misplaced “s” ( the extra s at the end of saving) I like his idea soooooooo much. It’s almost as good as my 28 hour days for the weekends.

There are advantages to daylight savings time, but we lose an hour of our precious weekends each time we make the switch.

The problem has an easy solution: Instead of taking one hour from our sleep on Saturday night, why not take an hour from Friday afternoon instead?

Go home an hour early tomorrow. Set your clocks ahead then.

3:58… 3:59… 5:00…. Happy Hour!

Spread the word, mmmmkay? If we can’t have DST all year ’round because of loutish farmers and loudmouth lughead Moms, let’s have this little bit of compromise.

G’head. Take off an hour early tomorrow afternoon. I’ll write you a Daylight Saving Time note if you need it.

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