Warriors Die for Westboro Rights. Is Westboro Baptist Right? Wrong.

Support the troops
Warriors have died and are dying precisely to protect the Westboro Baptist Church right to be rude, obnoxious, and mean.

The constitution says speech is protected (within limits) and now the Supremes have affirmed that the Westboro Baptist Church can protest near the funerals of fallen warriors.

The Supreme Court is right. Don’t prohibit the free speech, but restrict it. Across the country, right now, law makers should be introducing legislation prohibiting demonstrations – of any kind – within 1000 feet of a funeral service.

Honor our warriors who have fought to protect this basic freedom. Get mad at Westboro Baptist Church, but then swallow it.

Instead help a warrior.

Here are some unique ideas for us to honor our warriors:

Sister Soldier
Provides haircare products for black female soldiers

Air Compassion
Provides free air transportation for veterans to specialized medical treatment facilities.

America’s Vetdogs
Provides assistance dogs for disable vets. The also are deployed overseas to boost morale among the troops.

Cell Phones For Soliders
Donate your old cell phone and charger and they convert the old phones into phone cards that are given to troops overseas to call home.

My Care Crew
Start a support group via Wounded Warriors in your community.

Operation Shoebox Adopt a Troop
Send a shoe box full of goodies to connect troops to someone back home who cares.

The Pease Greeters
Citizens near Pease airport in New Hampshire make sure that every soldier in the airport is acknowledged as they pass through. Check your local airport. If there isn’t such a group. Start one.

Get even with Westboro Baptist, support as many soldiers as you can.  If not with your money with your attitude. That’s the right way to react to wrong-headed protesters.

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