Elmer Lynn Hauldren, The Empire Carpet Man, Dies

A person who met Elmer Lynn Hauldren says he smelled like cigars and whiskey. The way carpet guys of the 70s are supposed to smell…

Elmer Lynn Hauldren didn’t sing the jingle that WGN embedded in young impressionable minds.

588-2300 Empire…

I still sing this jingle at random inappropriate moments.

Elmer Lynn Hauldren, the “Empire Man” or the “Empire Carpet Guy,” died at age 89.

A Chicagoland legend, and nationally known pitchman, was a copywriter who change careers and dominated late-night commercials.

Elmer Lynn Hauldren wrote the jingle that is my decades long earworm.

I hope they are offering free padding and installation at the services.

UPDATE: There is a tribute website for Elmer Lynn Hauldren here: www.empirecarpetman.com

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