How Grilled Cheese Won The Hipsters

Hipsters will compete to make the best grilled cheese sandwich in L.A. at the annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. The hipsters will dress up in costume, call cheese, cut the cheese, get free cheese and all things cheesy. Because they are hipsters, they will not listen to Government Cheese.

Because they are Hipsters, nobody there will be getting a cheese check.

Grilled cheese.

Two slices of generic white bread, Kraft American Processed Cheesefood, margarine. Right?

Not according the to the Hipsters.

Flippin’ Hipsters. On here are the answers to “what is the best cheese for a grilled cheese?”

  • Gruyere has enough flavor to hold up to a sourdough, but it also tastes great with white breads.
  • Personally, I just blend together whatever cheeses I have at the moment (and I’m kind of a cheese fanatic so there are usually at least 5 on any given sandwich) that I think will go well together.
  • Pepper jack! I used to eat tons of grilled cheese with pepper jack in pita bread.
  • My favorite is Sharp Provolone and Caramelized Onions grilled on Italian/French Bread.
  • I can’t believe this hasn’t been mentioned but Taleggio makes for an unreal grilled cheese.

Flippin’ Hipsters.


Grilled cheese sandwiches are so flippin’ hip, that Groupon got blowed away at the Hipster convention aka SxSW. Their secret? Grilled cheese sandwiches and beer.

OK, free. Even Hipsters like free.

At this year’s overcrowded and overhyped SXSW conference in Austin, one of the few startups to break through the noise was group text messaging app GroupMe. How did GroupMe win SXSW? Grilled cheese. The company rented an outdoor food shack for something like $10,000 and turned it into the GroupMe Grill with free grilled cheese sandwiches and beer. The grilled cheese, says co-founder Steve Martocci in this episode of Founder Stories, was “an homage” to Phish concerts, where grilled cheese sandwiches are consumed in large quantities…

I once was asked by a Hipster to send a picture of me sitting at my computer. I think it was a research project. It was Saturday, I had a grilled cheese in the picture. I also had in the picture

  • four gold watches,
  • a bowling pin,
  • my father’s christening dress,
  • a dog,
  • three desktop computers (only one worked)
  • drumsticks
  • Miller Chill in a mug.
  • other fascinating etc.

What did the Hipster notice? Ayup – the grilled cheese. The sustenance of power-bloggers, I was told.

I’ve given up the Miller Chill, but when the Hipsters start drinking 1/2 Diet Green Tea, 1/2 Diet Coke,  1/8 liquor – brown, white or gold, I’m calling  it a day. I will be so flippin’ Hip it will make you sick.

Grilled cheese.

Two slices of generic white bread, Kraft American Processed Cheesefood, margarine. Right?




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How Grilled Cheese Won The Hipsters — 1 Comment

  1. I’m surprised the hipsters aren’t calling it a “toasted cheese sandwich.”

    The sandwich in your picture appears to be wheat bread, which is my favorite for a grilled cheese. And with melted sharp cheddar in between. Does that make me a hipster?

    If you’re making it with processed cheese and white bread, at least use “Texas Toast” (thicker white bread slices). It holds up better in the toasting.
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