I Was Flatlined This Morning

Wow, I woke up to a flatline this morning.

Bluehost.com, the folks that host me sent, me a note explaining my flatline. While I slept, I was deactivated.

Your web hosting account for goinglikesixty.com has been deactivated, as of 04/30/2011. (reason: site causing performance problems)

Jeepers! First they deactivate me, then I’m flatlined. I have a DNR, but didn’t know it would be used while I was still breathing.

But Bluehost.com came through like a champ with their excellent customer service. I called, and the tech explained that GoingLikeSixty on WordPress was causing a large amount of database queries which slowed the performance of the server. This caused other blogs on the server also to be slowed.

My slowness caused by deactivation which caused by flatline. Can it get any worse?

Actually no, Bluehost.com tech support stayed with me on the phone while I logged into the FTP to browse a log file. When I said this kind of stuff was way past my pay grade, he offered that if I had a plug-in that queried the database for related posts, this could cause the problem.

AHA! I could deactivate those plug-ins, if he would plug me back in and get be un-deactivated. Done.
I turned off the related posts plug-ins:

  • Archivist
  • Link Within
  • nRelated Content

Bluehost.com suggested I let the traffic return to normal and then un-un-deactivate the plug-ins one at a time and check my log files. I made a log file the first thing after I got up this morning, but I flushed. I guess I’ll need to call Bluehost.com back to see if that’s where I should be looking.

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