You Know What’s Really Fun? Radio Controlled Toys

I was looking for the power cord for the Walkman Video player and found the download cord for the Hi8 Video Camera – the kind that uses the mini tapes. Classic.

So I popped in a tape and watched 27 minutes of me playing with my radio controlled car. I duct-taped the VERY EXPENSIVE ideo camera to the top of the car to get the point of view (POV) shots that are so dramatic.

Man was that fun.

I forgot how much fun radio controlled toys can be. The car was destroyed a long time ago by an over-zealous attempt on my part to jump a long row of dog turds. You were probably not aware that at ground level close up, dog turds look just like giant boulders, were you?

My radio controlled boat was sunk in a dramatic collision with another boat.

Fact. Ayup.

I’m telling you, if there is a man in your life who has fathered a child that is yours and you need a great Father’s Day gift, a radio controlled toy will make him squeal like a Bieberette.

The forward and backward movement of simple remote toy cars is a relic compared to the innovative RC toys being introduced by the RC industry.

It is now common to see people flying their gyro RC helicopters both indoors and outdoors, sailing their scale model versions of RC boats and running RC cars that look just like their real-life counterparts (scaled down of course) at blinding speeds.

The options for hobbyists and RC enthusiasts come aplenty at This toy and hobby company offers nothing but some of the best products in remote control toy goodness. For Father’s Day make it an RC toy from Xenon Project!

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