Angry Birds is the Pacman – Super Mario Bros. For Today

If you haven’t fired up Angry Birds for your iPhone, or you don’t (gasp) have an iPhone, the game is now available for the Chrome Browser. Yeah, I have spent hours playing, just like I spent hours playing Pacman on the Atari and got Pacman thumb and wrist and played Super Mario World for hours on the Ninendo. Double the thumb injuries on Super Mario World. At least the Angry Birds just require a one-finger click.

Angry Birds has the same lame-ass addictiveness that marked the others. Stupid “characters” and stupid “music” with a “stupid” goal. (I guess there is a goal for Angry Birds? Or no? Meh.)

Here’s what I have learned about Angry Birds in my first hours of play:

  • The little purple birds will split into three if you click when they are in flight.
  • The triangle birds will fly straight and fast if you click when they are flying.
  • The egg birds are useful after they drop their egg bomb if you time it just right.
  • The big black ball birds explode when you click OR will explode after they turn red.

This is Not Me

Yes, cupcakes and plushies and tee shirts and all kinds of crap will be flooding the store shelves soon.

There’s a bunch of other stuff in Angry Birds that I haven’t gotten to yet: diamonds, eggs, treasure chests, and what the hell is this floating Chrome logo supposed to signify? I blew it up once and didn’t get squat. Is this some kind of signal that I need to get. away. from. the. computer?

If you want to unlock all levels of the game. Click here for the code to add to the browser after you have launched the game.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the addictiveness – and one question: Do you try for the best score at each screen or are you more challenged by racking up many different levels.

Here’s the life size version – complete with Exploding Pigs. Can a Disney World theme park be far behind?

Oh, and yes, I bought a Wii because of the Tiger Woods Masters 2012 game and the New. Low. Price.  It’s my retirement gift to myself.


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Angry Birds is the Pacman – Super Mario Bros. For Today — 4 Comments

  1. The chrome symbols found in the game unlock the 7 chrome levels for the people that don’t use the cheat… er unlock code you posted above.

  2. I set up my own ChromeOS the other day (I installed the Chrome Browser into Linux Mint and changed to Home page to in other words) and immediately installed Angry Birds. I can’t stop playing it, I mean it. I simply can’t stop playing it. I hate these type of things and yet I can’t-stop-playing it! (thank heavens Armageddon comes on Saturday) I’ve bookmarked your cheat…er…java script.

    You ought to feel special that I actually paused in my playing to comment on this post.

    • @Kirk: I run a nightly scan that trashes cache and other cleanup so I loose my scores. Getting bored with the lower levels. 🙂 and yes, I am impressed that you commented.