It’s Sedolsoder Costa Rica! Not Panama or Belize or Mexico

Nancy and I are packing up and moving to Costa Rica.

Why Costa Rica and not Panama or Belize or even Mexico?

These were all on our radar once we figured we could be happy living in an LEDC (less economically developed country.)

We had visited Belize recently, and Mexico in it’s glory days.

Costa Rica Mountains

Ultimately, it came down to the mountains, the scenery, the beauty and the people of Costa Rica.

Belize has no mountains to make for temperate climates and natural beauty.

In the areas away from the northern borders and tourist areas and the high crime, Mexico has some lovely mountain communities.

Both countries have their share of beauty. But not as compact or as dramatic as Costa Rica. And neither has Ticos. Or volcanoes.

If Costa Rica didn’t work out, Mexico might have had a shot.  Belize, probably never because of the year ’round heat and humidity.

We never made it to Panama.

But we will since Panama is “only” a 4-5 hour drive from Sedolosoder.

(Sedolosoder is the corporation name we picked to own our expansive finca – SedonaOliverSofiDerby.)

Property values in Panama seemed to be at their peak. We scouted every real estate website for Panama property and didn’t see any that were in our price range that met our criteria.

Yes, we had criteria for our new home, thanks to Tico Tim’s Tour.

  • $100-150,000
  • Atenas/San Ramon/Grecia
  • 1500 +/- square feet
  • Lot with enough flat space for four dogs to poop
  • 3500 feet alititude +/-
  • Hot water
  • Large outdoor living area – or space to add one
  • 3 bedroom
  • Within one hour of the airport (SJO)

Yes, pooping was on our list.

We almost met every criteria. Almost. We didn’t get as high as we wanted and gave up a bedroom. But we gained a coffee crop!

Life is full of compromises.


Part of a series of posts about retiring and moving to Costa Rica.

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It’s Sedolsoder Costa Rica! Not Panama or Belize or Mexico — 5 Comments

  1. wooooooooooo-hoooooooooooooo!!!! can’t wait to come visit-better CR than BGKY!!!! and I expect a cup of coffee from your crop!!!! 🙂

  2. Mark,
    Glad to have a blog. I am really enjoying watching you catch your dream.
    Deffinately will miss your conversation while paddling.