Married 43 Years And She Still Is Keeping Secrets

We are missing a debit card. Visa said they sent us two, I have one, one is missing. Nancy will need it in 30 days when she moves to Costa Rica.

Before I called to get another, I asked if it was OK to rifle through her storehouse of cards, loyalty cards, FSA debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and the ilk.

She said it was OK and then.
I found it… her secret Dairy Queen discount book.

Confronting her she played it cool. Not admitting her little secret, she just kept on playing her latest game obsession. As with all women, she is skilled in the art of making it my fault.

She said: “Well, I tried to get you to go yesterday and you said no.”

Never mind that her secret coupon book had goodies that would last us a year… and there are no Dairy Queens in Costa Rica, I just let it slide. She’ll be gone soon.

My only hope is she will leave behind the Dairy Queen coupon book for me while I finish up loading the crap into the shipping container.

I’ll need a Peanut Buster Parfait or nine I’m sure.

I can last ’til then… and they will be mine, all mine.
Dairy Queen discount coupon books were not specifically covered in our vows, but doesn’t this fall under the “richer or poorer” part?

UPDATE: She says all the Peanut Buster Parfait coupons are gone. She has removed them for her personal use. I’m left with Blizzards, Dilly Bars, and Burgers. Not bad.

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