Why Peter Drucker and Tom Peters Would Love Angry Birds as a Management Style

Guest post by Ann Greewoman,

author of Angry Birds: How You Can Kill Pigs in Your Company


Angry Birds: How You Can Efficiently Kill Pigs in Your Company is a week long immersion into the management styles and processes by which today’s leaders attain maximum performance from teams. Successful organizations looking for modern approaches to increase their ROI and boost the productivity of teams will find Angry Birds: How You Can Efficiently Kill Pigs in Your Company a proven coaching technique which will provide a pathway to excellence for the entire organization. If you wish to have every level of your organization reaching maximum potential while progressing to higher levels of increasingly complex problems, contact Angry Pigs School Of Management.


Peter Drucker would love Angry Birds:

  1. Angry Birds focuses on the simple. Simple music. Simple graphics. Simple game.
  2. There is no FAQ for Angry Birds. There are many videos and cheats, but Drucker would maintain these are simply offshoots of the development of the game and not an integral part of learning.
  3. The Angry Birds are ruthless  in attacking the corporate pigs who have layered themselves from attack through many levels of protection. The game designers obviously believe and respect the worker attitude.
  4. Angry Birds is new. It is not another reincarnation of a plumber rescuing a princess or a warrior killing stuff.
  5. To score well and often in Angry Birds, the player must have a plan of action, to think about the attack. To do otherwise is to fail.
  6. It takes a village to kill the Corporate pig. Angry Birds always has back-up. Even if one Angry Bird succeeds, there is a village behind it at the ready.
  7. Angry Birds requires a balancing between a high score and the desire to achieve a longer range goal. The MBO is to score well enough to progress through the game.
  8. Angry Birds exists because there was a need. The game is free. Profit was not the primary goal.
  9. There is a notion that Angry Birds is one of humankind’s noblest inventions.

Tom Peters would love Angry Birds:

  • To start you just play
  • People love simple games
  • Every player is a champion, there is no competitive or heads-up Angry Birds (yet)
  • The Angry Birds get things done in a variety of ways – each of it’s own quality
  • Angry Birds requires a hands-on approach
  • Success requires hammering away at obstacles in basically the same manner
  • There is no headquarters staff in Angry Birds. It’s the worker-birds against the pigs
  • Success comes from a variety of styles of attack. Attack, but the angle of approach is up to you.



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