Fifty Cent Piece and Eisenhower Dollar Freak Best Buy Boy

Remember the old joke Q. “what would you do if you found a 50 cent piece?” A. Run home and get fifty cents.

Apparently I never found a fifty cent piece because I had six of the coins in my stash. I also had four Eisenhower dollar coins.

I installed a Virtual Private Network on Nancy’s netbook for added security (and so we can pretend to be in U.S. for Overstock and Amazon buying.)  I needed to also install it on my laptop. In order to keep the security certificates (I love how that sounds – so geeky) in order I needed to use the same install program for both.

We have a brazilan thumb drives.

All packed.

I loaded up my pocket with my 50 cent pieces and Ike dollars and headed to Best Buy for a thumb drive.

I told the checkout boy he was gonna hate me as I handed him the coins.

He looked at them, and asked the manager cashier, “can we accept these?”

The cashier-manager gave him a look and said “since they are U.S. coins, yes – WE. HAVE. TO.”

I grinned and said “I told you you would hate me when it comes time to cash out..”

“I’ve never seen these coins before.”

He studied each one – front and back – asked me if they were all dollar coins.

I explained that the smaller coins were 50 cent pieces. I asked if he had heard of 50 cent. Of course he had…

I asked if he had ever seen the gold-colored dollar coins…

“Oh, yeah, the ones with the Indian lady…”

God love the youngsters. They can be so entertaining for us geezers.



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