Moving to Costa Rica Milestones & Robin

Moving to Costa Rica is just full of milestones. Today there were two:

  • the shipper made contact to confirm that the driver will be a Haus de Bow-Wow at 7 a.m. on June 28. Which is what our Costa Rica shipper told us.
  • Bin/box number 400 was packed today. It was my Costa Rica rocking chair which we purchased on our first house-hunting trip. Wasn’t purely planned that way, but when I got close to that number I figured it was time for the chair to prepare for the second half of the round-trip.

As I sat in the backyard eating lunch, Sedona and Derby were with me… they aren’t far away now that their pals are in Costa Rica. There was a mama Robin and a baby getting food. The baby was in the hoppy stage with limited flight capabilities. It wasn’t long before Sedona noticed and took off after the baby. The lil Robin Red Breast flew to safety about six feet above Sedona’s head. Mama did her thing and divebombed Sedona and lured her away so her baby could be safe.

I love the yin/yang of nature. I think I’m gonna like it in Costa Rica – can’t wait to see Sedona interact with a Toucan! or Laughing Falcon aka/ Orgasm Bird.

My friend Jeremy gave me some excellent tips on off-the-beaten path sites that he found during his 2 week vacation in CR. He says he could see himself retiring there someday.

He’s a hipster raconteur. I can’t wait to meet him on top of volcano. It will be EPIC. (Jeremy teaches me hipster chat.)

More milestones coming up. Nancy is car shopping today. Phone company should get phone and internet hooked up “soon.”


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