Remember Popping Zits?

Guest post while I am making the move to Costa Rica. If you never hear from me again. Pura vida, and blame Costa Rica.

For every high school teenager out there that is mourning every morning in front of the mirror, wondering how in Catherine Zeta Jones’s name they are going to get their pimples to disappear in time for the spring fling, there is another person in their twenties wishing one thing: That their pimples would come back.

Sounds absurd at first, but an alarming rate of people all over the U.S. from the ages of 19-24 are wishing that they had at least some of their pimples back.

Why? Why would anyone want their pimples back? Pimples are one of the leading causes of stress in a young teenager’s life. The struggles of being called awful names like “Pizza face”, or “Pimple Pete,” can have a traumatic effect on a young adolescent’s life and hundreds and hundreds of dollars are spent on Acne treatment products just to have a chance at some nice clear skin.

So why are so many people wishing they could grow their pimples back?

The answer lies deeply rooted in the psychology of the human brain. Studies show that popping pimples can be one of the most stress relieving activities in a person’s daily routine. And with the pressure of having to make to it work on time, “popping a few juicy whiteheads” is just what the average person needs, says the average Joe Henson.

I like to wake up early in the morning, go straight to the mirror, and get my day started with a nice POP.

He adds.

I prefer the ‘underground railroads.

When asked what an ‘underground railroad’ was he replied in his pleasant and cowboyish southern accent

“Those are the ones that you really have to work at. From the process of growing them to the actual popping of them, you have to take your time. They grow under the skin and accumulate a lot of – well whatever it is that pimples accumulate! But they are the best stress relievers.”

People like Joe Henson and others are going as far as to try to concoct the perfect pimple growing mix. Joe says he uses a mix of peanut butter and miracle whip and spreads it all over his face before he goes to sleep. Other concoctions include even crazier methods such as mixing bleu cheese dressing with melted pieces of chewed gum – it can get pretty nasty.

Some Say “Pimple Farming” is just a fad, while others insist it will be around forever. One thing is for sure, as long as there are people like Joe Henson around, there will always be the need to pop zits.


This article was written by Anthony Benedict. By Day, Anthony helps to run and maintain – which is a website that guides people to the best acne products like Clear Skin Max. At all other hours of the day, he enjoys being goofy and a good laugh.

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