Terrorists are in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Top Cop: Everybody Remain Calm.

Jesus (Hay-sue) H. Christ on toast, they arrested some terrorists in Smallburg (aka Bowling Green, Kentucky.) The Feds arrested and arraigned a couple Iraqis.

Alwan and Hammadi are accused on or near Feb. 16 of trying to provide two rocket-propelled grenade launchers, two machine guns, two cases of C4 plastic explosives, two sniper rifles and money to al-Qaida in Iraq, the indictment said. On or near March 16, the two men are accused of attempting to provide two stinger surface-to-air missile launcher systems and money to al-Qaida.

The police chief today issued a statement saying that we all should remain calm and not fear for our lives.

Good lord, man, they had C4, grenade launchers, and machine guns!

Cops freak out and call unpaid child support their crime of the week, so why shouldn’t I be cowering in a corner clutching my St. Christopher right now?

They had STINGER MISSILES. Billy BeJesus on a Bagel!

When do I panic? When I gets blowed up?

Here’s a commenter that sums it up:

We can protect ourselves or be Rodney King and wonder “why can’t we all get along?” Right before the bomb blows up in our backyard. Time to shut liberal bleeding hearts up…or wait till one of these guys takes out our families at the ballpark, WKU football game, church, HS graduation. “

Another commenter figured out bleeding heart liberals were to blame because

…the diversity of languages, nationalities and cultures in the city makes Bowling Green a more likely place for such activities to occur.

If the Top Cop says to remain calm in the fact of terrorists living in town, when am I supposed to panic?

Oh yeah, when there is a thunderstorm.

I can’t wait until Smallburg becomes my Old Kentucky Home.



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Terrorists are in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Top Cop: Everybody Remain Calm. — 5 Comments

  1. Yeah, I think you should pack up your stuff and leave the country ’cause it ain’t just Iraqis that are terrorists in this country. Your neighbor might be on the domestic terrorist list at this very moment.

    Or perhaps you are. Is that the real reason you’re getting your tail outta here?
    Catch Her in the Wry recently posted…Weird WednesdayMy Profile

    • Back in the day, I could hold my own in the terror category. Of course back in the day that meant I chucked potatoes at passing semi-trucks without getting caught.

  2. Hey — this “bleeding heart liberal” doesn’t want to get her ass blown away any more than your nut job, right-wing teabagger.

    “Billy Bejesus on a Bagel…” BAHAHAHA!

  3. try to remember the part where our big old conservative war machine government headed over to Iraq after the Saudi’s gave us 9/11 and proceeded to kill 100,000 innocent men, women and children. Then they didn’t handle it very well because the “MISSION” was “ACCOMPLISHED” so the fact that refugees are running scared isn’t because of the bleeding heart liberals. Besides, shouldn’t we be just a little curious about where you shop for Stinger missles around here? What were their sources? And besides THAT–the FBI was supposed to be checking every refugee who came in through the refugee program so where the F were they when those two thugs got their plane tickets? Quit patting the FBI on the back and hold them accountable. It ain’t the bleeding hearts this time. It’s inept neocons.