The Best Internet Ad Ever – And Am I Pissed!

Ok, so I’m one of the few remaining who still use RSS to read stuff online, I’ll give you that. But why does the best internet ad ever really piss me off?

Because it won’t go away!  This web ad isn’t one of those floating ads that intrudes on a web page until you click it to go away.

This is an ad unit that appears in my RSS feed stream and for some reason, sticks.  Scrolling up or down and it’s hanging there over the RSS feed. In Google reader on Chrome 10.x. Even using the “j” shortcut in Google Reader keeps the ad in place.

The best internet ad ever – and boy am I pissed. If they ever figure out how to do this on purpose, be ready… at least for the few RSS readers left in the world, it’s the best ad placement ever – if you are an advertiser. The really cool feature? If it’s a video ad, clicking starts the video right in the ad unit.

This particular ad is a click through.

Look for it in your favorite RSS stream.

PS: it will disappear from the RSS feed if the stream is refreshed. But it will return.

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