Love In The Wild … Mamons and Popping our Geocaching Cherry

We had a couple Love in the Wild moments today…

The first Love in the Wild Moment involved fruit.

Pat and John introduced us to the Grecia, Costa Rica, feria where we discovered Mamon Chino fruit. A vendor was offering samples. It is one intimidating fruit with the spiky looking skin, but when he sliced it the skin easily pulled away revealing a luscious fruit.
Sampling! Has the guy been to Sam’s Club?
It worked, I ate it, Pat bought a bag, I returned and bought a bag, then went back and bought another bag!

Mamon (left) Birthday Cake for Nanc (right) Love in the Wild!

Our second Love in the Wild moment came when John and Pat introduced us to geocaching. We had our geocaching cherry popped. I had read about it but never talked with experienced geocachers. Pat explained…

It’s using multi-million dollar satellites to find hidden trinkets”

As we toddled (do people toddle anymore? they should) from Alujuela, Costa Rica to Atenas, they explained the concept further. As we expressed our interest, Pat revealed that we would be passing a geocache they have hidden. John told me where to pull off the road and they put us within 5 meters of our first search.

They were gentle on our first time. You could tell by their loving instructions and guidance and patience that they were trying their best to make sure our first time was a memorable experience without getting us all worked up over if we were doing it right.

When our Love in the Wild geocache climaxed, I think they both wanted to lie back and light a cigarette and enjoy our pleasure.

Near the site of losing our geocaching virginity

They let us enjoy the moment for a while and then we did it again… this time near their home.

And then we went home to watch the cows toddle down the road. Love in the Wild indeed. Nothing like a bunch of bovines toddling to make one think – all is right in the world.

Cows toddlin' by Sedolder

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