Sacre Bleu Amigo

Learning a language I don’t habla,

means most of my words come out blah-blah.

Adding an “o” will work you know.

Apartmento, concreto, electronico

Until I need to say candelabra.

OK, that was a pretty poor effort, but I wonder if silly verses are just an English language deal. Do the Spanish make up lame little limericks? Can you Haiku in Hebrew? I’ll bet somebody knows and can provide some examples.

I found the Pimsleur CD’s the other day and have started listening to them again to improve my Spanish.

Turns out, I may also be delaying losing my mind to Alzheimer’s.

“There is a growing body of research pointing to a number of cognitive benefits for bilinguals and this is
very exciting,” said Ms. Begley. “It is my hope that this paper will help bring additional attention to some
of the findings and the research that is being done.”

In compiling extensive research and clinical studies regarding bilingualism and various brain functions,
Begley’s paper gives particular attention to the work of Toronto-based research scientist, Ellen Bialystok,
whose work has shown that lifetime bilinguals experience onset signs of dementia an average 4.1 – 5.1
years later than monolinguals. The paper also summarizes findings indicating that lifetime bilinguals
experience greater cognitive reserve, enhanced cognitive control, and other brain functions.

Yes, I need a greater cognitive reserve… is this anything like a Cognac being Very Superior Old Pale? I don’t know what that greater cognitive reserve means, but I want some.

We live amongst French-Canadians. They are only part-time residents so we have yet to meet any of our neighbors. However, we have learned that most of them prefer French, then Spanish, then English.

Sacre bleu amigo! Looks like I need to polish up my French too.


When our daughter, Bulbous, and her husband, St. Todd deCubville visit, I hope they are ready.

Amy = ah-me (no long “a” in Spanish, it’s “ah”)

Todd = only a long “o” (Oh) in Spanish, so he will be Toad.

This will be fun.


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Sacre Bleu Amigo — 1 Comment

  1. Toad-ahahahahahaha!!!! Toad…..I’m gonna start practicing that now!!!! ahahahahjahahahahahaha!!!!