Putting Together My Christmas Gift Ideas List – Make Mine a Lift Chair

As we all know, Christmas is a time of wishing, wanting and taking.

It’s the time when geezer guys all across the fruited plains are challenged to “give me a gift idea” by siblings and children and wives.

“Oh just skip it this year…” or “I buy everything I want or need…” just aren’t good enough to discourage someone with the true gift-giving spirit. They insist that we geezers need another tool or article of clothing or electronic gadget.

We don’t.

What we need, want, and lust after are lift chairs.


Yup a lift chair… because there are times when a man is required to leave his recliner – eg: when nature calls. After spending the day delightfully reclined shoving Little Debby Snack Cakes and Miller Chill down one’s gullet moving from the reclining position is a challenge.

Enter the Pride Lift Chair.


It’s too late for Father’s Day, but not too late for Christmas… This person gets my vote for sibling of the year

“The chair has performed as expected. My sisters and I purchased this liftchair for our father as a Father’s Day gift last year… My ailing cousin has cancer, and my wife and I purchased this same lift chair for him. It has worked out terrifically. My cousin has been using the chair almost 24 hours a day not only for sitting, but for sleeping. We can’t say enough about how these lift recliners have performed for our family. Service and delivery were spot on!”
– Kittery Point, ME

So skip the ninja umbrella  or the ribbed guitar picks or the beer-making kit or the face coffee mug.

Get your order in today for a lift chair… it can be built, shipped and installed just in time for all the holiday football bowl games.


And there is some real advantages to owning a lift chair… check it out…

Getting in and out of a chair can be extremely risky for a person with balance issues. A lift chair is there to support the person until the person is in an upright position. This added support gives the person improved balance which can reduce the risks of falling. Reducing the risk of falls is especially critical for a person who has osteoporosis due to the increased risk of bone fractures when a person falls.

…a person can then gradually be guided down to a sitting position instead of having to fall into the chair which can be a health hazard for people with back problems. This reduces the amount of energy expended on the task of getting in and out of a chair. The lift chair gives the person improved mobility as well as increased energy which can be used for other daily tasks.



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  1. We bought a lift chair for each of our parents, but don’t expect it to lift you out of the seat quickly if you’re in a hurry to get to the bathroom. It pushes you up and out gently and SLOWLY. Plan ahead or you might soil the cushion.
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