Stuff I Intended to Do Today But Didn’t

Chores, there’s always a bunch of ’em.

Today I intended to:

  • clean the Pool Verde – the pool maintenance got away from me and is a lovely shade of green. The filter is a lovely shade of green too. The pool guy said I needed to remove the filter and shock the water . (hey water: you are adopted- big enough shock?) Once all the algae settled from the shock, I was gonna vacuum the crud. The pool guy said: better to lose some water than mess around trying to salvage it.
  • wash the patio – apparently the rains have ceased being an everyday/all day happening. Instead the pattern has settled into the “normal.”  This means less mud tracked onto the patio and a good scrubbing is in order.
  • wash the car – hasn’t been done since we bought it. Rain knocks off the surface dirt, but I figure once every couple months I should give it a good scrub.
  • take a shower – I didn’t last night because I was pooped.  Was planning on being wet most of today and knew that a nice shower would wrap up the day nicely.
  • shave my face – I try to shave daily since I retired. Sometimes I forget. Yesterday, I forgot.
All my big plans went out the window – or down the drain – or whatev.
We didn’t have any water after about 9 a.m.  We don’t know exactly why, probably never will.
I’m gonna have to find out the guy in charge of water and give him a nice tip. Great excuse for not accomplishing a damn thing today.
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Stuff I Intended to Do Today But Didn’t — 3 Comments

  1. I worked on more pools than I care to remember in my younger days and I’ll pass my shock treatment secret to you (no charge).

    Initial shock treatment (stronger than maintenance treatments): “Ah! Just the right size for the liquid manure pit I’ve been meaning to build.” (clapping your hands together at the “Ah!” part adds to the effect)

    Regular maintenance treatments: “Does the phrase ‘goldfish pond’ mean anything to you?”
    Kirk M recently posted…Conversation lost or just misplaced?My Profile