Channeling My Inner Rowdy Yates At Republican-like Cows

Rowdy Yates was the drover on Raw Hide (played by Clint Eastwood.)

You probably can hum the tune and maybe even sing a few words from the theme song.

Last night about midnight, I was channeling my inner Rowdy Yates. Nancy wrote about it from her perspective.

Here’s mine.

I did yell Yee-Haw, Git! out the window.

Nancy’s way of communicating with animals, is to converse with them. ie: Sedona is on the bed and Nancy want’s to retire for the evening.
Her conversation will be something like.:

“You know Sedona, that isn’t your bed. It sure would be nice if you would move so I could lie down.”
Sedona opens her eyes.
“I’m serious, you need to move, or at least move over.”
Sedona gives her a look.
“OK, come on, I’m tired, you need to get down.”

Compare to… me going to bed.
“Sedona! Down!”

She gets up, gets down, and I get in bed.

Imagine the conversation Nancy would have with the cows.
It would probably start with “Now girls…”

After my first Yee-Haw, about 1/2 the herd moved back up the hill from whence they came.

The power.

I thought I would do a good deed and try to get in front of the others and at least keep them out of the road.
Of course that didn’t work. As I moved toward them, they moved away. There was no way for me to get in front of them, and I wasn’t very motivated either.

The remaining cows exited the gate and gathered in the road like a bunch of Republicans: No clear leader, unsure where they want to go and how to get there, but sure that where they have been sucks.

Unlike Rowdy Yates, I didn’t mount up to get the strays.

Last I saw/heard from them, they were moseying up the hill toward away from our gate.

At least they were quiet about it.

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