Gossiping in Costa Rica – I’m Loving It

I’m learning to gossip.

I’m loving it.

In the states, asking “What’s up?” or “Whaddya know?” or “Know anything new?” to a man usually gets a shrug and some generic comment about sports or weather.

Not so in small town Costa Rica.

I’m loving it.

We usually trek into town 4-5 times a week (a four mile drive.) Invariably, I will run into somebody I know. That’s the fun of living in a small town.

I’m loving it.

I grew up in a very tiny town and we lived in small towns during most of my career. Gossip in those towns tended to be of a scandalous nature. Most of the more main-stream gossip ended up in the local paper.

Since there is no local newspaper in Atenas, the only way to learn the “news” is to gossip about it. Running into somebody on the street is an opportunity to find out what’s going on.

For example at Pablo’s party I “learned”:

  • The landslide that is blocking the exit to Atenas off the main artery (Caldera Highway) from San Jose to the Pacific beaches is starting to be cleared. Earth moving equipment has been moved into place.
  • An uncle of President Chinchilla lives just up the road and is planning on building a casino/resort.
  • The developers of the area around our property will have a hard time getting a water well. Lots of dry holes have been dug.
  • SINAC has been visiting the development around us to make sure conservation efforts are underway and being followed.
  • The feria will be moved from the park downtown to a space on the edge of town near the entrance off the Caldera Highway.
  • Some restaurants closed.
  • Wine is on sale for 1/2 price and/or 2fer1 during the grand opening of Coopeatenas. (this was my contribution to the gossip.)
And that was just one evening…
I’m loving it.
Ask “What’s new?” in Costa Rica and you get lots of information.
Accurate? We’ll see.
I’m loving it.
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