Happy New Ass

From the land of women with big butts and tight jeans and tildes, I bid you a Happy New Ass.

Felize Ano Neuvo without the tilde over the “n” in ano changes the word from the intended “year” to “ass.”

So instead of Happy New Year, it becomes happy new ass.

Don’t get me started on umlats… as in Tilde Froling

tilde froling

(two dots above the “o” – and did I just make up a new emoticon? What does this look like to you


I think it kinda looks like Kilroy.

Happy New Year.

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Happy New Ass — 2 Comments



    I’ve missed that little dude. He kind of got a raw deal when that whole Styx album came out, people kind of damned him by association. But you know, he never really let it get to him.

    He’s still chillin’ on that wall.
    dogimo recently posted…Paging OzymandiasMy Profile