Toucans and Bird Shit in the House: Which Birds Must Die?

This morning we had our second visit by Toucans. 

The “guys” were here to hook up our new electric meter and when I came out to greet them they were looking and pointing up the hill to our neighbors banana tree. Five Toucans were feasting on the bananas. It was a thrill to see them again. And it was fun that the guys were excited to see them too.

The last time the Ticos here were excited was when a big green iguana was sunning himself on a wood pile.

OK, the Toucans weren’t in the house… but there was bird shit.

We have a gimpy bird hanging out in our Rancho. He has a bum leg, but has taken a real liking to Sedona’s dog food.  We feed her dry kibbles, not the soft stuff. And she’s a big dog so the kibbles are big too. The bird is about the size of a Robin, but has no problemo gobbling down the kibble.

If I forget to put the dog food inside when we leave, we will come home to kibbles all over the rancho.

Today was a first. I forgot to close the sliding screen and apparently the little sucker has gotten brazen enough to come INTO the house to feast.

There was pretty green bird shit, highlighted with festive little green seeds, on the floor inside the door.

But, hey, I’ve cleaned up worse… so no birds will die.



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