My Failed Bread Pudding


It was going to be my breakfast.

I made a double batch.

It looked very good.

No cinnamon because I was bugging Nancy to death to find ingredients.

Had to use 2% milk.

No chocolate chips and I didn’t want to open the M & Ms because open = consumed.

It was a quicky microwave bread pudding recipe from the Self Absorbed Twat.

Apparently, it’s OK for me to be Nancy’s tech support and help her with all things electronical or webified. But I apparently I bugged the hell out of her trying to locate the ingredients to make the bread pudding.  I still don’t know her “system” for the pantry. (And to those who know Nanc’ know that the use of “system” is hilarously ironic.)

Anyhoo… she said the white sugar was in a plastic container.

No, that would be the salt.

Six tablespoons of salt instead of sugar in the bread pudding pretty much killed my morning.

Now we’re out of milk.

Back to the corn flakes.



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My Failed Bread Pudding — 2 Comments

  1. So how do you eat the corn flakes if you’re out of milk? Pour coffee on it instead and then sprinkle salt all over it instead of the sugar that was supposed to be in plastic container? Perhaps you should give up on breakfast altogether and just have lunch. It sounds much safer…or I hope it is for your sake. 😉