Step Away From The Fridge Fatty

Whoa, step away from the fridge. What you are about to visualize graphically, may gross you out.  OTOH, maybe a clip and paste this infographic to the front of the fridge may be just the reminder you will need.

How about this fact:

You need to burn 3500 calories to drop ONE POUND of body fat. (That’s about 9 hours on an eliptical, or walking up 18,000 stairs in less than a day – I just made that last one up.

I used to be a fatty. Pushing 300 pounds. I got tired of buying clothes at the fatty-store. They charge extra for the XXL and XXXL and XXXXL sizes. Plus the cheap-o discount warehouse stores where wanted to shop never had size 50 jeans.

So I lost 80.

Haven’t returned yet.

Via: Actos lawsuit lawyers

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