Costa Rica Is Hard On My Feet

big feet

Before you get all snarky, this is the “after” shot! You should have seen my Costa Rica feet before I used a pedicure exfoliator aka scrubby thing on them.

I love going barefoot. Always have. You can count on one foot the number of times I have worn real shoes since we moved. If I’m not barefoot, I wear flip-flops. If I don’t have on flip-flops I wear sandals. If I don’t wear sandals, I have on pull-on shoes.

My feet have taken a real beating. I got callouses on my  callouses. And since much of my wandering around barefoot is outside, the callouses had been impregnated with dirt. (Note: in the above picture, my feet are tan – that’s my story and I’m sticking too it.)

Callouses on my heels were kinda uncomfortable. I was whining to Nanc’ about it and she said I need to use the scrubby thing on them.


I sure wish we would have had a seat built into the wall of the shower. It would have been so easy! But we don’t, and sitting on the floor of the shower puts me too close to where the creepy crawly things like to hang out.

I needed to clean the pool, so as I did that, I dragged my calloused heels across the non-skid pool floor. That softened things up.

Then I  grabbed the scrubby thing and a bucket (pail?) of water and headed to the swinging bed outside our non-swinging bedroom. After ten minutes of scrubbing, my feet actually looked like they used to in Kentucky… not pretty, but not real nasty either.

Yes, it was a victory for de feet. (Oh hells bells, like you wouldn’t do the same exact pun if you were writing this, so just pipe it.)

Limericks I often compose.

With noxious smells in my nose;

But this one was easy.

I only felt queasy.

Because I was sniffing my toes.

~ Via



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