If I Was Going To Work Anywhere I Would Like To Work At Seer Interactive

Michelle at SeerInteractive.com sent me some money today.

I like Michelle – – –  but not only because she sends me money.

I like that Michelle has a great sense of humor.

Look at that girl

That’s Michelle.  Actually, I guess Michelle’s Mom has the great sense of humor. The screen grab is from SeerInteractive’s Meet The Team page. Normally a “Meet The Team” page is really lame. First, there is the whole “Meet the Team” idea. Blech, that is so 70s. Second, most pages feature mug shots that are like high school graduation photos – or glamour shots – or hipster poses. Not at SeerInteractive.com, no siree Lorena Bobbitt.

Not SeerInteractive.com. They feature kid pix! BTW: Michelle is wearing a Halloween costume in her picture above – she is not auditioning for some pageant.

I asked Michelle if this girl was still channeling Mick Jagger (Stones.) When I woke up from my nap today and was contemplating writing this, I realized she is channeling Gene Simmons (Kiss.)

Michelle was nice and didn’t correct me.

If you’re into this kind of thing, they have a very active blog where they deal with such things as (echo effect on please) CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH SEARCH (earch…earch…earch…):

1. When a listing expires (e.g. product runs out permanently) should you 301 or rel-canonical, and point the result to either the users profile or back to a category page (the one you want to rank) based on link juice, optimal user experience and appeasing Matt Cutts. :]

Maybe after my nap tomorrow, I’ll sit down and write my thoughts on the topic. I’m sure I’ll make some clever baby-boomer observation which will go over their heads.



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