The Bickering Boomers Are At It Again: This Time I’m MORE Right

The Bickering Boomers are back.

Bickering Boomers was a short-lived blog that I started because I thought it would be “fun” to chronicle the little spats and snipes that people who have been married as long as we take at each other.

The tag line: Insight into the little snipes we take at each other.

Yeah, well, soon the blog esculated from little snipes into some REAL action.

Each blog post was in two parts…

  • He said
  • She said

For example:

He said – Why Am I Buying All This Stuff?

Posted on July 4, 2007 |

When you asked your friend Sheila if they wanted to join us for the concert and fireworks, she said, OK they would bring the KFC.  You said, OK we’ll bring the plates and drinks.

So why did I have to go to the grocery to buy two kinds of beans, brown sugar, watermelon PLUS the drinks?

She said – To Eat…..Duh!

Posted on July 4, 2007 |

You bought the stuff so I could make a batch of “calico beans“, which sounds good to me.  I bet you eat them too!

Hmmmm…..I don’t recall having Oreo cookies on the list, why did you buy those?


I don’t recall the final straw that killed the blog, but I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Today Bickering Boomers is back – if only for this one post.

Nancy is sitting in the other room writing on her blog that “we are residents of Costa Rica.”

I’m not jinxing us. I’m saying we are NOT residents of Costa Rica. Not yet.

To become a resident, one has to first pay to join the socialized medicine program, the CAJA or CCSS – Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.

But before one can join, the government must approve your application for residency.

Our application was approved.

Today we attempted to sign up for CAJA. No go, the computers were down. Since Nancy was having some dental work done, we couldn’t wait around for the system to be up.

We left the CCSS office in San Jose without a document indicating that we have paid and are part of the CAJA.

Without that document, we can’t have our lawyer file the final paperwork to become bonafide card-carrying residents of Costa Rica.

I’m right on this one… I’m almost sure… kinda… sorta… as of this moment.

OK, this time I’m MORE right – because in Costa Rica, one learns not to speak in absolutes. Things change here too often.


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