21 Reasons You Might Be a Gringo…

In Costa Rica, non-natives are Gringoes. As far as I know, it’s not pejorative. But then again, I don’t speaka da Spanish, so how would I know? It’s kinda like calling somebody redneck. It’s OK if YOU are a redneck, but if you’re a hipster, it’s an insult.

So as a Gringo in Costa Rica, I offer you

… you might be a Gringo if:

  • You refer to your country of birth as “the old country.
  • You drive around a bridge thru a dry river bed because it’s less rough.
  • You call the above move, “using the bypass.”
  • You volunteer to drive.
  • You talk or text and drive.
  • You still scoff when they serve a glass of ice with a beer.
  • You own a watch.
  • You wear a watch.
  • The watch works and you look at it regularly.
  • You talk in short phrases, and refer to the lapses as “buffering.”
  • You refer to water from the tap as “cold.”
  • You care about the price of vehicle gas more than the cost of propane.
  • You have a “to-do” list.
  • You know and use multiple attorneys.
  • Your essential technology is GPS.
  • You still get pissed off when you overhear a loud cell phone conversation.
  • You still get a thrill when you see your seven figure bank balance (in Colones.)
  • You say  “Como se dice” more than “una cerveza por favor.”
  • The last thing you say as you leave the house is “got your passport?
  • Why?” is still a question you ask repeatedly and expect an answer.
  • Instead of shouting “alo” repeatedly into your cell, you say “can you hear me now?”

If you live in Costa Rica, please add your “you might be a Gringo if…” thoughts in the comments.

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