Apparently I Am Socially Inept – 18 People To Ignore On Facebook

Despite Ron’s explanation that using my Facebook profile picture does not mean I am Socially Inept… to what other conclusion can I jump?

But just who are the people in your Facebook neighborhood? No doubt you’ve come across some of the personalities you’re about to see profiled in this article. You know them, you hate them and you wish they’d go away. But your Facebook life wouldn’t be the same without them. The truth is, you’re probably one of them.

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I guess I would be


You’re a con artist’s dream. You can’t resist clicking on that link promising two free tickets to anywhere Southwest Airlines flies, even though such a ridiculous offer to everyone on Facebook would certainly send the airline crashing to the ground. But all you have to do is type “Southwest Rocks!” and they’ll e-mail you the tickets — what could possibly be the harm in that? You’re also checking your inbox for Six Flags tickets and waiting patiently for the mailman to deliver your free iPad. Maybe THEN you’ll actually be able to see that hidden bedroom camera video of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Meanwhile… you’ve just given these scammers full access to your personal Facebook data… and perhaps much more. Hope it was worth it to find out what your name and/or eye color says about you.

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