Resurrecting the Datsun

Nissan is bringing back the Datsun.

Kinda sorta.

They will use the retired name Datsun in Russia, India and Indonesia.  If you want to read how the name Datsun came to be, then disappeared and almost killed Nissan, check out this story.

We drove a Datsun 510 Station Wagon for a few years when we just had one rug muncher. Very similar looking to the image above – except we didn’t have a rack, and the side was full of dry pee.

After I crinkled the front fender – it was as easy as crumbling up Reynolds Aluminum Foil, I usef this as an excuse to try to learn an new hobby: auto body repair. I enrolled in the local adult education class which gave me access to some fine auto body repair equipment and all the Bondo I could handle.

It never looked good again.

We traded the Datsun for a really lame Chevrolet Cavalier Wagon because Eastern Airlines was giving away free tickets. Remember that? Buy a car and get free air travel.

Like Nissan killing Datsun for some stupid reason, General Motors decided that purchasing a car should mean you leave it home and do your traveling by plane.

We went to Cancun. The Datsun never would have made it.

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Resurrecting the Datsun — 4 Comments

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