Sedolsoder is Getting Mail Delivery

We have a PO Box in Atenas.

But when I had the electric meter transferred to our home corporation, I gave them the physical address. Never gave it a thought that they also would need a billing address (our PO Box.) Remember: no road names or house numbers in Costa Rica. Our address is: 500 meters west of the school/church.

The other day a guy on a motorbike came buzzing up the hill. I just happened to be wandering around aimlessly. When I saw the “Correo” (the Costa Rica postal service)  I was glad for residential address plaques which are pretty common in our neck of the woods. They are personalized address plaques.

Nancy had a sign made by a local guy. She picked a native wood, rather than a fancy bronze address plaque.  When the delivery guy saw the sign, he grinned and gave me an “Hola Amigo” and handed me our electric bill.  I guess he figured there aren’t too many Sedolsoder addresses that are 500 meters west of the church/school.

BTW: Our electric bill for February was about $82.

It’s nice to know that we can get home delivery of mail, but I won’t be giving up our post office box anytime soon. If I hadn’t been wandering around, it’s hard to tell where that electric bill would have ended up.

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