Sunday Stealing – Do – Ri – Me, Me, Me

Andrew Wyeth A Distant Thunder

Sunday Stealing: The Eve Was Framed Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Why is your favorite color your favorite? I don’t have a favorite color because it depends on to which the color is affixed. (Awkward Sentence Structure R Us)

2. Do you prefer dogs or cats or do you just hate animals, and want to kill baby seals? Dogs, but kittens are really cute, but puppies are also cut and grow up to be man’s best friend.3. How much time do you spend on the computer? Three hours a day.

4. Not including porn, what do you do on the computer? Read blogs and news and Facebook.

5. Are you a clock watcher? Not any longer. When I worked at newspapers, I certainly was. Everything at a newspaper is related to a deadline.

6. What do you/did you look for in a partner? Good humor and sex appeal.

7. What type of clothing do you prefer? Shorts and tees.

8. What is your favorite type of music? It really depends on my mood.  Heavy opera is my least favorite.9. Do you believe in the paranormal, Ghosts, ESP, levitation, spoon bending? Nope. It’s baloney unlike women’s intuition which is always dead on accurate.

10. The most important question: Do you have a inie or outie belly button? Inie

11. What kind of car do you drive? An Effin’ 1999 Montero

12. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or The Boys Are Back in Town? What’s the question? I don’t get it. Is this a sexual preference question? Pass

13. Camping or the Ritz? We “camp” everyday in Costa Rica. Gimme the Ritz please.
14. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW . . . did you eat it? UTZ cheese balls, not a craving just a treat that I indulge in from time to time.
15. The most thrilling place you’ve ever visited. Why? Eiffel Tower. It’s just so iconic.
16. If you could slip into the skin of one public figure–celebrity, artist,–who would it be? I would slip into the skin of the most powerful man in the world. President Obama.
17. Look up from your computer. What do you see first? The Weather Channel weather station. Time: 5:36 p.m. CST Saturday March 3, 2012. Currently84.3 indoors, 52% humidity. Outdoor is 83.4 degrees, 58% humidity. Heat Index 86 degrees, dewpoint 67 degrees.
18. Sum up your philosophy of life in one sentence. You can borrow it from someone else, if you’d like. No, that’s too much work.
19. Name the one thing you just don’t understand about kids today. Who’s kids? Yours or mine or theirs? See above.
20. If you could steal one work of art from a museum or gallery, which would it be? Easy peasy: A Distant Thunder
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